About me


George Krallis
3D Artist

George was born in a beautiful Greek town called Halkida. He studied Graphic Design in Thessaoniki, but by the end of his studies he has also become interested in 3D art. As a motivated self-trained artist he has learned several 3D modeling and landscape generating applications, including Vue, 3ds max and ZBrush. He has also developed professional skills in Photoshop and After Effects.
George has won several awards given by E-on Software and other art sharing sites with his outstanding artwork. He won fuctART Magazine’s competition called “The meaning of the word ‘time’”, and many of his works were featured in 3D Artist magazine.
Currently he lives in Xanthi, Greece, managing his own company called Natural CMYK. He also works as an Art Director for a team focusing on making short animation films called Fairytales of the world. In 2012 he has joined D&D Creations as a 3D Modeler. His high skills and excellent eye for details has opened new doors to the Studio.


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